Marketing, Promotion and Events

With an appetite for a revitalised events scene in Twickenham, the BID is breathing life back into the town’s rich arts legacy, supporting the expansion of festivals and events that continue to attract a wider audience.

Twickenham is a dynamic town, with a thriving media and publishing industry, a rich musical legacy and an exploding fin-tech landscape that has earned it the nickname Silicon-on-Thames.

Supporting existing events and delivering new business-led events in the town centre

Twickenham has a strong community feel to it and the BID. The business research indicated that businesses like the events delivered by the BID and would like to see more of them. Therefore the BID will focus on the following projects:

Event sponsorship and support

The BID will continue to recognise the current successful and well-established events within the town centre which contribute to vibrancy, and promote increased community spirit. We will also look to provide additional funding to support these events.

Deliver new and enhanced events

The BID will focus on driving an events programme each year to maintain a strong sense of community and, importantly, will enhance its marketing strategy. The outcomes of this will be to promote and deliver events in Twickenham that help create a ‘destination’ in the BID area, rather than being limited to the Rugby stadium.