The Clay Garden by The River

DTB Trail - short

The Clay Garden is a unique space for individuals to grow creatively, connect, and find freedom.

Come along to one of our fun classes to pick up a plethora of new skills & begin to learn how to let go, experiment, build something slowly, and unearth a journey, whilst having a good time in the company of others! There has never been a better time to place your wellbeing at the forefront & our pottery home is just the place to soothe your mind.

Or for experienced potters, join us as a member! Members form the integral core and soul of our space. As West London’s answer to a lack of members ceramic studios, we have quickly grown as a family of ceramic lovers. People who want to spend time honing their skills and being in the company of other inspiring individuals, join our studio on a membership basis. Members use the space as their own collective artists residence, where they share and expand on their joint knowledge, allowing for creative growth together.

The ethos of the studio is simple – to provide a beautiful environment artists would feel compelled to spend their days within, surrounded by inspiration and the feelings of home.

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The Clay Garden by the River 29-31 York Street Twickenham London TW1 3JZ