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Looking Good
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Robert Frith has been caring for the community’s eyes since 1926. Seeing Twickenham and eye health technology develop over the years we have been dedicated to caring for generations of families in Twickenham. We have long term staff retention with professional staff having been with us for from a minimum of 5 years and over 20 years. Rest assured you will be seeing familiar faces whenever you visit.

We love seeing the generations of different families who have been part of Robert Frith for many years. Whether it’s an advanced eye examination using the latest in eye health technology, or popping in for a quick MOT adjustment to your glasses we are always happy to see local patients and continue to serve the community as we have done since 1926

We offer the latest in eye health technology with regards to the equipment we use. One such piece of equipment we have most recently acquired (since 2022) is the hospital grade Optomap scan which takes an ultra-wide image of the back of the eye. The back of the eye is the area which gives us all the insights into the health of the eye, as well as the body itself. Conditions such as diabetes, stroke, MS, brain cancer and tumours within the eye are all more easily diagnosed at their earlier onsets with the imaging from the Optomap due to the extent of the field of view provided.

Since purchasing the machine, we have diagnosed many patients with asymptomatic retinal tears which could have led to retinal detachments and were, thankfully, treated at Kingston Hospital due to the direct email link we have with them for referrals. The camera we use is the same as the one that they have in their clinic and allows our patients to be streamlined for treatment, as they won’t need to do repeat images upon arriving at the hospital.

We also offer specialist services in eye wear such as Oakley prescription spectacles (sun and clear) for those keen cyclists and active lifestyle patients in Twickenham as well as prescription swimming goggles (adults and kids).

We are also one of the leading Opticians South of England offering Myopia control in the form of Miyosmart spectacles lenses, ortho K/ night lenses and daily disposable soft lenses for children to help manage the deterioration of Myopia in our younger patients.

In December of 2022 the shop recently underwent a refit and refurbishment to help accommodate new equipment and modernise the look and feel of the practice.  We also continue to review and invest in new eyewear brands to keep up with the latest trends in fashion eyewear.

Part of looking good is feeling good. But what’s the point of looking good if people can’t see how good you look!

Please mention Discover Twickenham when coming in, and you will be entitled to a 10% discount on any complete spectacle purchase. Valid until end of August 2024.

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