Sandy Bedi


IWD 2024
DTB Trail - short

Hello, I’m Sandy, the proud female founder and businesswoman behind the Rice Mill Thai restaurant in Twickenham.

I started this venture driven by a passion for Thai cuisine and a commitment to raising female profiles in this business world.

In my career, I’ve encountered many barriers to inclusivity for women, but I’ve worked to overcome them, fostering a more inclusive environment.

As a woman in this sector, challenges arise, but they fuel my determination to promote inclusion.

My business actively inspires inclusion through various initiatives, big and small, fostering a supportive atmosphere for women.

I draw inspiration from trailblazing individuals who have championed the advancement of women and girls, motivating me to do the same in my community.

My mother, who was a petite yet formidable woman, raised nine children single-handedly after my father’s passing. Her strength and resilience inspire me daily, motivating my commitment to supporting the advancement of women and girls in both my personal and business endeavours.

Sandy Bedi