Abbie Carter

Community and Events Executive

IWD 2024
DTB Trail - short

Patch provides event space, community space and co-working space. We see ourselves as a community hub and a lighthouse for local life, providing what the local community needs and space for people’s ideas.

My name is Abbie, and I am one of the two Community and Events Executives at our Twickenham site. I live locally in Teddington but have moved around a fair bit between boroughs such as Kingston, Richmond and Hounslow since moving to London. I am originally from a small town in Lincolnshire, so come to me if you need tips on the best cheese, sausages and overall wine!

My career has always been focused on customer service and client relations. I get real accomplishment and fulfilment from providing a world-class service and experience as this has such an impact on people. Hearing about Patch and the company mission really did resonate with me, and I love that each day I get to speak with members, different people in the community and local businesses. The connections I have made through this job really have been life-changing.

Although progress has been made over the years, I think a key factor that is still challenging (frustratingly) for women today is the gender pay gap. Prior to working at Patch I have also had negative experiences in which my passion, motivation and driven nature have been interpreted differently compared to a male expressing these same things.

I think that sometimes my drive and natural leadership have intimidated people before, but I don’t believe this is something that should scare people. Women can be just as driven as men when it comes to their careers, hobbies etc.

One example that sticks in my mind is when we recently hosted The Mum Club Richmond which is a community consisting of mums in the borough who are looking to both network and connect in an environment which is safe and understanding.

We are also very excited about our International Women’s Day event celebrating women and their accomplishments, both personal and professional. We have some incredible sponsors and great speakers. We are always looking at more ways we can include and support people in the community, not just women.

Abbie Carter