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I came to London from Edinburgh in 1984 to study at Camberwell School of Art. When I finished my degree in 3D Design in 1988 I moved to Twickenham and opened my first workshop on Eel Pie Island. I began with boat repairs and worked through many different areas of the woodworking world before reaching my true aim of producing bespoke one-off pieces.

In 1996 a catastrophic fire destroyed almost all of the workshops on the Boatyard, mine included. Whilst the material losses and business interruption were a major problem, the boatyard housed many workshops and the loss of the strong community of like-minded people was harder to bear. This fact focused my desire to continue working in the area and I basically got on my bike and looked for new premises. I explored many locations and after a while I found a workshop beside Twickenham Green which, over 28 years later, I still occupy.

I design and make furniture to commission with clients ranging from high end contemporary interior designers to private customers. Whilst such a business model can hardly be described as unique I believe that the levels of care and attention we lavish on the commissions we receive do set us apart from many other businesses. Our 35 years of experience guarantee that every project is carried out to the highest of standards.

The beauty of Twickenham and its surroundings are perhaps its finest features and a great draw for all. The town itself may have changed considerably since I moved here but the people have always been a strong reason for remaining in the area. Additionally there are several excellent local shops and firms who I have used over the years and their presence is of great benefit to me and my business, with Alsford timber and D&M Tools being particularly noteworthy.

Our personal approach and enthusiasm for all our commissions and our abilities to realise our clients’ visions are the core values of my business. A particular benefit that I extend to local clients is to come to the workshop and see their piece(s) in production.

Having produced a huge number of projects over the years ranging from Television and set building to free-standing luxury cabinet work it is hard to pick a favourite. I am always proud of the items we make here (in fact if an item were not up to scratch it would never leave my workshop anyway) and I am always delighted to show our previous works to prospective clients when I meet them.

Please note that a small selection of our output is always available to view on our website www.islandfurnituredesign.co.uk.

One service which is only offered to local customers is to help out with small jobs that they are having trouble with. This allows them to benefit from the high quality equipment that we have in the workshop which allows us to cleanly and efficiently carry out repairs and alterations, thus removing the stress and mess of trying to achieve a satisfactory result at home.

I end by emphasizing that we really do cover a wide range of projects and welcome all enquiries so, whatever a potential customer may have in mind, I encourage them to get in touch and I’m sure that they will enjoy the experience of commissioning items that are unique , personal and beautifully made.

Island Furniture Dave Penrose