Tug of War on Church Street!

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Tug of War on Church Street!
Get ready for a day of strength, strategy, and community spirit as we bring you the Tug of War Extravaganza on Church Street this summer! Join us on Friday, 21st June, for an unforgettable event that promises to be filled with excitement and camaraderie. We’re calling on all local businesses, associations, schools, and charities to enter a team and show off their tugging prowess outside The Eel Pie Pub and opposite Brewery Market.
A Bit of History
Tug of War is a game steeped in tradition, with its roots tracing back to ancient civilisations. In England, it has been a popular competitive sport for centuries, symbolising teamwork and endurance. Twickenham, known for its vibrant community and rich heritage, is the perfect backdrop for this classic contest. The game embodies the spirit of unity and friendly competition that has long been a part of our local culture.
Event Details
Date: Friday, 21st June
Location: Church Street, outside The Eel Pie Pub and opposite Brewery Market
Team Entry Deadline: 19th June
Contact: To enter a team, please email Jon at eelpie.twickenham@hall-woodhouse.co.uk
Join the Competition
We’ve all seen the TV show “Squid Game” by now, so we know the tricks and rules – this year, the competition will be stronger than ever! With a brand new tug of war rope, we’re ready to see which team will emerge victorious. This event is open to all teams and genders, but please note that participants must be over 18 for insurance purposes.
Get Involved
It’s free to enter a team, but any donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards maintaining the historical charm of Church Street. And there’s more – the winning team will receive a fantastic prize!
Special Thanks
A huge thanks to the Church Street Association of Traders for putting on events like this for the community and to the traders that donate to the association. Your support and dedication help keep our community vibrant and lively.
So gather your team, flex those muscles, and get ready for a day of fun and fierce competition. Whether you’re pulling for glory or cheering from the sidelines, this is an event you won’t want to miss.
Mark your calendars, assemble your team, and let’s make this Tug of War Extravaganza a day to remember. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tug of War Extravaganza on Church Street this summer


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