The Great Belzoni

2:30 pm


After last year’s SELL OUT run – we welcome back The Great Belzoni who has a new dastardly crime to solve…

From the pen of local writer Loz Keal, who also wrote last Christmas’ brilliant Robin Hood, the Pantomime, we are proud to present this hilarious spoof whodunit set in London in 1928 at the height of ‘Egyptian Mummy Fever.’

The morning the British Museum is due to unveil some new exhibits, The Great Belzoni notices the Book of the Dead has been stolen.

Only a privileged few have had access; who could have done it…? Trusted museum curator Gussy… or perhaps the Lady Deep-Pockets, or the socialite Michelle Willmer-Teresa-Forbes Tweedie… surely not ‘honest-as-the-day-is-long’ Sidney Salt…?

There’s only one way to find out… join us and watch as The Great Belzoni reveals all!

June 29th 2:30PM
June 29th 7:00PM
June 30th 2:30PM

The Case Of The Disappearance Of The Oggetto D’Arte From The British Museum


The Exchange
75 London Rd Twickenham, TW1 1BE United Kingdom