Sidra, Twickenham

Over the past year, community has become more important than ever. Through huge changes to the way we live our lives and through months of uncertainty, the Twickenham community have been a solid source of support for one another. Many local businesses and their customers have gone above and beyond and truly deserve the title Twickenham Hero.

Nominated by their community, our first #DiscoverTwickenhamHero is Sidra. The Lebanese restaurant has consistently shown up to support its community during this time. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Sidra team wanted to offer their help and so decided to reach out to the vulnerable and elderly in the community and offer their services in delivering medicine and essential shopping to their homes.

On top of this, the team prepared almost 4,000 meals to go to hospitals in Teddington and Whitton, an amazing total which meant hard working NHS staff had access to a hearty and nourishing meal. The meals were fresh and healthy, including a halloumi, chicken or falafel wrap with salad, a snack and a drink. Sidra further provided free meals to anyone working for the NHS to show their appreciation.